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About Us

It is our mission at Fair Games to give players a selection of fresh simple games with a twist or two; bringing back old favourites such as the Timeless Bar 7's, Tic Tac Toe  as well as creating new games that our customers enjoy such as The Winners Of Oz, Lucky charms and Tic Tac Roll
Fair Games is highly committed to the UK market and has established a core business producing high quality games for an ever changing market  place


Company Overview

Fair Games has become very succesful with its range of Timeless machines and has enjoyed a positive response from the marketplace. We believe this to be as a direct result of detailed research into what the game player wants and that, in our opinion, is good honest value for money in its most simple form. Fair Games is privileged to have a workforce of experienced individuals in all areas of Game design / Technical design and Mechanical design. Drawing on their in depth knowledge has resulted in a steady stream of successful games produced to date

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